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RadioLink  Head Locked Gyro GY100 for 250 ~600 rc Helicopter GY100

RadioLink Head Locked Gyro GY100 for 250 ~600 rc Helicopter GY100

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SKU: GY 100
Weight: 97 grams
Stock: Out of stock

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Detailed Product Description

Radio Link rc Helicopter Head Locked Gyro GY100

GY100 AVCS Rate Gyro GY100


Product Features:


•The GY100 is a high performance, compact, light weight AVCS (Angular Vector Control System) gyro developed for model helicopters. Because the sensor and control circuit are integrated, it is simple to install. Futaba S9257 high-speed digital servo for gyro use is recommended.
•Dual sense adjustment:You can adjust sense on transmitter or gyro.
• Precise/Linear:Wide gyro rate range from 0.5degree/s to 800degree/s, offer faster, smoother response and consistent pirouette rates; Steady head-lock while hovering,which prevents tail from deviating anytime.
•Stable control:Easy to get stable sensitivity, when you rotate helicopter fast, you can stop it immediately without any trembling!  
•Fast response:Offering superior 2ms response time on DS mode. When you change the helicopter between raising and descending rapidly, you almost can not see any tail deviating.




•Control system:Digital advanced PI (Proportional Integration) control
•Gyro sensor:SMM (Silicon Micro Machine) system vibration gyro
•Operating voltage:+4 to +6VDC
•Operating temperature range: -10°C to +45°C
•Weight:9.7g (including connector)
•Functions:Gyro operation direction switch, DS mode switch, Control sense trimmer, Limit trimmer, Remote gain control, AVCS/normal mode switching.

LED indicator (Gyro state)
•Fast twinkle:Gyro is searching for the center point.
•Constant bright:Normal working state
•Black:Power off
•Slow twinkle:Gyro can't receive the rudder controlling signal, rudder servo can not work.
•Intermittent twinkle:The center point of transmitter has deviated, gyro should be restarted.

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