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iSDT SC-620 500W 20A MINI Smart LCD Battery Balance Charger SC-620

iSDT SC-620 500W 20A MINI Smart LCD Battery Balance Charger SC-620

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SKU: SC-620
Weight: 415 grams
Stock: Out of stock

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iSDT SC-620 500W 20A MINI Smart LCD Battery Balance Charger SC-620

-2.4" IPS Display
-262K colors Hi-brightness monitor,enhance luminance and contrast ratio,which could save power 15%
-Equip with RAM power saving refreshed and CABC backlight control,
backlight power saved 30%
-Up to 178°visible angle,cuts reflections on screen amd feel comfortable
-scOs developed just for smart battery charging
-Colorful and bright UI design,optimized display information,makes setup &working status clearer to read
-Quick & simple function menu design,reduces operating steps up to 80%
-Supporting online update with PC,optimizing operation system and improving user experience constantly
-ARM 32bit Hi-speed CPU
-ARM Cortex-M4 32bit ultra fast calculations 
-Data processing capacity enhanced by 20 times
-Powered by the ARM Cortex-M4, the SC-620 offers amazing speed with its 32-bit operation.
-This provides a 20-fold increase in data processing capacity when compared to traditional chargers.
-Hi-converting efficiency,extreme power-volume ratio
-High speed & efficiency synchronous power supply and high Purity aluminium alloy cooling fins is used to ensure excellent transformation
and  reductions in heat,along with a high-speed mini-fan to provide active cooling with a 50% volume reduction and 300% power increase.
-One-key shuttling
-Simple and natural shuttling movements have created an elegant replacement for clumsy point-and-touch finger operations.
-A single key is used for every function, providing a crisp and precise experience.
-Expedite USB Interface
-Phones out of power? Don't worry, connect to USB,which will provide 5V/2A for phone charge
-No need to be troubled with ME without electricity
-Internationalization ,Multilanguage
-Supporting multiple languages to make sure use it without difficulty.Truly local and barrier-free usage
-Outstanding Design
-The thinnest part is only 4MM,meanwhile the output power is increased to 500W
-Use XT60 Plug for input & output,more widely and safely used.
-Hi-speed fan & delicate air duct,enable it to shrink volume remarkably while guarantee adequate heat-sinking

Max power 500W,Max charge current 20A. Experience more freedom.
Input Voltage:  DC9~30V
Output Voltage:  0~30V
Charge Current:  0.1~20.0A
Discharge Current:  0.1~5.0A
Max Charge Capacity:  500W
Max Discharge Capacity:  15W
Balanced Current:  1000mA/cell
Balanced Cells:  2-6S
USB Outout:  2.1A/5V
Supported Battery:  LiFe/Lilon/LiPo/LiHv(1~6S)
Display:  2.4" 320x240 IPS LCD
Usage temperature:  0~40℃
Storage temperature:  -20~60℃
Dimension:  115x130x52 mm
Weight: 415g

Package Included:
1x iSDT SC-620 500W 20A MINI Smart LCD Balance Charger
1x Manual

(Noted: Not included power supply)

Remark : Chinese version

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