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New Dynamo Hand Crank USB Cell Phone Emergency Charger PG002

New Dynamo Hand Crank USB Cell Phone Emergency Charger PG002

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SKU: PG002
Weight: 66 grams
Stock: Stock available

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New Dynamo Hand Crank USB Cell Phone Emergency Charger PG002 

This mini and suitable hand-winding charger is designed for emergency use. Just wind it by hand slightly, it can charge the device freely. With this built-in USB interface, it is easy to connect to all sorts of USB devices
Save your spending,  safe use , and not harm or damage to your mobile phone . 
Can be repeated use, light weight, small size, convenient travel use 
The inherent emergency lighting
Hand holding the charger, black handle on your right hand crank. 
Will the USB interface insert affiliated connecting charger USB port place 
Choose a cell phone with you match joints, will it and connections at the other end of the room 
Finally, will insert your phone connector. So you can charge. 
Be careful to take down the charger black handle, and then press the same direction by 100 a minute-120 lap rate turn the handle. You shake the more time, your cell phone standby time and call the longer time.
When your cell phone battery life cannot be completely out of the charge. You should be in the cell phone battery power is completely exhausted before your cell phone battery. 
If the charger gets hot, you must immediately stop shaking, wait until it cooled can continue to shake (at least cooling 10 minutes) 
Don't shake too fast, and keep in the 100-120 times per minute. 
Don't take on hot, charger, and a fire the place where water and other moist place.
Maximum output voltage: DC 6V
Maximum output current: 300 mA
The Battery charging time: 1 Minutes  
Talking time:3-5 Minutes  
This product suit for Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, 
Sony Ericsson, Dopod MP3 and MP4 
Original box: NO
Color: Black
Item size: 52*45*30mm(max)
Net weight: 58g
Package weight: 67g
Packing Content: 
1 x USB Hand Dynamo Charger with Light


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