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Radiolink AT10II 2.4G 12CH Transmitter With R12DS DSSS&FHSS Receiver

Radiolink AT10II 2.4G 12CH Transmitter With R12DS DSSS&FHSS Receiver

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Weight: 1 kg, 600 grams
Stock: Stock available

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Radiolink AT10II 2.4G 12CH Transmitter With R12DS DSSS&FHSS Receiver


Radiolink AT10II transmitter features with 2.4GHz dual DSSS&FHSS spread spectrum 16CH pseudo random frequency hopping digital system, which ensures excellent anti-interference performance.Comes with R12DS receiver, this radio will fit in most RC vehicles.Despite the powerful function, humanized menu is designed applicable to both beginners and skilled person.


Top Configuration: with DSSS&FHSS work synchronously, QPSK modulation support excellent anti-interference performance, support S-BUS&PWM&PPM signals work together, just need 3ms to response, can realize programmable mix control, ensure servos anti-shake rudder with 4096 section precision and 0.25us regular jitter, comes with multiple alarm prompt as well as can keeps advanced system by USB upgrade.Remote Control Distance: with dual antenna 12 channels receiver, signal coverage all around, never afraid of hilly terrain. 7dBi new less noise high gain antenna ensures the control distance up to 4km in the sky.  Multiple Function: fit in RC helicopter, fixed wing, gliders and multicopter, cover almost every popular model.Real-time Data Telemetry: support signal strength and receiver voltage monitored, extended engine voltage telemetry module PRM-01 and OSD info telemetry module PRM-03. PRM-03 can give feedback for GPS, SPEED, voltage etc.Energy Saving: with 320×480 high resolution and 3.5in colorful screen, clear display menu and graphs, operating current is only 105mAh and is able to work 12 hours connected to 3s 1800mAh battery.

Brand: Radiolink
Item name: AT10II with R12DS Receiver
Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band (2400MHz~2483.5MHz)
Modulation mode: QSPK
Channel bandwidth: 5.0MHz
Spread spectrum: DSSS&FHSS
Adjacent channel rejection: >38dBM
Transmitter power: <100mW(<20dBm) 
Operating Voltage: 7.4~15.0V
Recommended Battery: JST 3S 1800mAh LIPO/ 8 x 1.5V AA Battery (not nicluded)
Operating Current: <105mA
Control distance: up to 4km
Channel: 12 Channel,5~12 channels are customized.
Compatible Models: include all 120 degree and 90 degree swash-plate helicopters, all fixed-wing aircraft, gliders and multi-rotors
Simulator Mode: under the simulator mode the transmitter action turns off, change to a power saving mode
Screen: 3.5 in 16 colorful screen, 320 x 480 pixels
Supports Receivers: R12DS, R9DS, R12DSM, R6DS, R6DSM
Size: AT10II- 180*95*220mm, R12DS- 50*32*15mm
Weight: 682g

Package information: 
Package Size: 25.9 x 12 x 33.2cm /10.1 x 4.7 x 12.6in
Package Weight: 1039g/2.3Ib
Gift box package
Note: The AT10II transmitter is NOT compatible with R10D receiver.

Package included:
1 x RadioLink AT10II 12 Channel Transmitter
1 x R12DS Receiver
1 x User Manual(English)
1 x PRM-01 module
1 x Hook and Spring
1 x Cable

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