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Glow plug OS No. 8 (Medium)
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Glow plug OS No. 8 (Medium)

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SKU: 600393
Weight: 31 grams
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Glow plug OS No. 8 (Medium)

The O.S. #8 glow plug is the most widely used O.S. glow plug for O.S. and other engines.Recommended for most current O.S. and other brands 2-stroke R/C and C/L engines.Note that O.S. engine plugs are SHORT body plugs and should only be used in engines that require a short body plug.

O.S. - No. 8 

Medium Hot
Standard Size Plug
Fits all RC Nitro Engines
Works in all weather conditions


Medium heat range plug for most model engine applications.
Plug is medium length, without idle bar.
For all 2 stroke engines.
See the O.S. glow plug chart below to compare the different short body standard glow plugs available for O.S. engines:

Model - Heat Range - Description

No.6 - Hot - Formerly known as the OS A3 plug. This hot plug will provide a more stable idle and crisp acceleration when compared to a cold plug. This plug is recommended for low nitro content fuels and .12 class engines.

No.7 - Medium Hot - Slightly "hotter" than the #8 and ideal for the constant "on/off" throttle action in 1/10 and 1/8 scale racing.

No.8 - Medium - A medium heat range plug for 1/8 scale racing and most .12-21 car, boat and truck engines.

No.10 - Cold - Formerly known as the OS A5 plug. This is now rated as a cold plug and is recommended for high nitro content fuel. This cold plug will produce the most power, but will provide a less stable idle and a narrow tuning window

Package Included:

1 x Glow plug OS No. 8 (Medium)


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